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Cheap Appliance Buying Guide

Cheap appliances

Cheap appliances

What would a home or an apartment be if it did not have a large number of appliances in it?

Appliances definitely make life a lot more convenient that’s for sure.

However, household appliances are expensive so you do need to choose the right appliances and buy them at the cheapest possible price. For most people buying a major appliance like fridges, cookers, washing machines or dryers is a big investment so getting the right deal is very important

There are scores of appliances sold in department stores. As much as we might like to believe that each and every appliance for sale is perfect, the truth is this is not the case. Some appliances and brand manufacturers who produce them are better quality and better value than others. This is why it you need to use this appliance buying guide to help you make the right purchase at the cheapest price.

This Appliance Buyer Guide will Help you:

* Avoid buying the wrong appliances.

* Purchase appliances within your budget.

* Opening your eyes to features that you might not initially know that it offered.

Buying the Right Appliances

To buy the right appliance, you need to realize that there may be different types of a particular model and buy the one that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Some model may have a very unique and stylish design and other model may have a rather straight forward functional appearance. It would not be true to say that one style or model is universally better than another. However, one version might be much better for you. You need to buy the right appliance that delivers what you want from it.

Most people don’t even think properly about the functions they need from appliances before they buy them. Use a simple tick sheet to make sure that the appliance you are looking at really has all the functions that you need.

For example if you have a large family you may need a large drum washing machine. No matter how good a smaller machine might look, or how cheap it might be a smaller machine simply won’t meet your needs.

Buy reliable brands

Now, there are appliances on the market that are not truly well manufactured or reliable. As the cost of repairs is now so high, appliance reliability is really important.

Generally the big brand appliance manufactures have good reliability, but is surprising how even the big brands seem to produce some models that are unreliable.

Here are some of the appliance manufacturers who we feel generally give high quality and good value for money:










Remember thought that even brands with overall good reputations do produce models that are unreliable or poor value for money. Use this list as a starting point for your research and then check the online feedback for the specific models that you are interested in buying.

Online Appliance Reviews

Online retailers like Amazon list customer reviews for all the product that they sell and reading these reviews is key to buying a reliable product

Extended Warranties

In general we would advise against buying expensive extended warranties for individual appliances. Many manufacturers and some retailers, however often offer free extended warranties. These can definitely be worth having and it is often worth paying a few dollars more to get a model with a free extended warranty.

Making Right Budget Decisions

There are a great many different models of appliances on the market. This means there scores of different name brand manufacturers provide different models at various price ranges. A common misconception is that the most expensive model is the best and the lowest priced model has little value. The truth is the price of a consumer appliance does not always reflect its quality. Also, it is critical to look closer at the features of an appliance and see if the features do meet what you are seeking within the budget you have to work with.

Through using this consumer appliance buying guide and examining a comprehensive listing of the models in your predetermined budget, you can find the right model without overspending. You might possibly end up spending far less than assumed once you see what is available on the market in your price range.

Listing of  Features Reveals All

Most people buy an appliance to provide its primary function. A dishwasher, for example does obviously need to wash dishes and do so in an effective manner. However, it can really make sense to purchase a consumer appliance which also has additional useful features to it. Common features could be timers, a high level of energy efficiency, and variations in the way it operates such as a washing machine being able to handle light loads or heavy loads depending upon pre-programmed settings. Through researching online, you have the ability to learn all the additional features a particular model possesses. This really can help to purchase the right appliance.


Cheap Electronics Online

Cheap TV Buying Guide

Cheap TVs
Cheap TVs

There are so many different features of a television, that reading this TV buying guide before you purchase your next one is essential.

What TV features do you really need?

Many hyped-up TV features do not really make that much of a difference, yet will cost more. This brief TV buying guide highlights the most valuable features to look for. Once you have decided the features that you need you will need to research each product individually, in order to make the wisest choice for you.

Types of Televisions

Buying a television is really a matter of personal preference, however, there are some decisions that you can make before you start shopping and comparing.

Television size

What size are you thinking of? Televisions begin at 5 inches, and continue to more than 100 inches diagonal. Most often, you will want at least a 32-inch screen for a bedroom, or smaller space, and at least a 40-inch screen for a main room.

Picture tube televisions are mostly a thing of the past, and had often had a maximum size of 36 inches. TVs have become much larger in recent years so you will probably have to change your ideas about size if you were used to smaller televisions. If you need a television smaller than 42 inches, LCD television is probably your best choice of the newer televisions. Your decision will also be based on your budget of course. This TV buying guide will show various specifications and features to choose from.

Television Screen Types

LED, LCD, Plasma, And Rear-Projection TVs

Which display type depends on what size you prefer, and how much you would like to spend. Most of the flat-panel screens are Liquid Crystal Diode (LCD), because they are cheaper and smaller. The mid-sized HDTV will probably be either an LCD displays, or plasma-based displays. The largest televisions, beginning at 60 inches and larger can also include rare rear-projection. Which is best, is a question of personal preference for the most part, and whether you will be viewing in a light or dark room.

Most Important Features Television Features

Make sure that the television has the necessary inputs, in order to connect the HD cable, video game console, Blu-ray and DVD player, and also any older video equipment that you might be using.

Screen Finish
You will be choosing between matte, and glossy. Most televisions have glossy, but that is also a matter of personal preference, and can only be decided by viewing the products and seeing which you prefer.

Remote Control
Will the control be able to command other equipment such as the DVD player to help reduce the number of controls you need? This feature is really handy if you have Tivo, DVD players and other equipment that would otherwise each need their own separate remote contols. Does it have backlit buttons for ease of use? Baklit buttons are really useful if you like to watch TV in the dark or semi-dark.

Picture Controls
Make sure that you are able to adjust the television manually, if you like fine-tuning things yourself. Picture pre-sets, color controls, and gamma options are all available.

Ease of Use
Look for easy-to-use menu systems, with embedded explanations. This is very helpful, so that when you have a problem, you do not have to locate a lost manual.

Energy efficiency
There are some significant power use differences, but most televisions will not save you a lot of money with Energy Star, and you should not have to pay a lot more for this feature exclusively. As a general rule plasma televisions use twice as much power as LCD TVs.

Sound only mode
You can also buy televisions with sound only modes as an option which is really useful if you use the TV to listen to radio.

Support and Warranty
Be informed of warranty limitations, return policies, and be sure to be supplied with product support numbers, troubleshooting, and set-up guides, to make using your television easier.

Extras – Do you really need tehm?
Do not pay for the extra hype if you are not planning on using these extra features. Internet connectivity, 3D, USB ports or memory card slots, LED backlight, “MotionFlow”, and “AutoMotion Plus” are offered, but these extras may not make any difference in what you usually use your television to view.

There is really not a better quality television just for gaming purposes. The picture quality is what you need to pay attention to most. Make sure to get ample inputs for your uses, and when using your television with a computer, make sure that your computer has an extra HDMI connection in front, or VGA for the older computers. In-store HDMI cables are usually overpriced, and you can buy much cheaper ones online. You should also consider investing in a surge protector, if not provided with the television set-up.

Less Important Features Television Features

Some specifications are elevated to make the consumer think that they are getting a higher-quality television, but most of the time these features are not that critical and doing without them can lead to great bargains. Some of these are:

Refresh Rate


Contrast Ratio

Viewing Angle

Wide Color Gamut

Energy Star

Recommended Television Brands To Look For

These are a few of the brand names which we feel give high quality and good value for money:






This is a good list to start with, and from there you need to compare models with all necessary basic features that you prefer, including size, display type, extra features, gaming inputs, and accessories.


Cheap Electronics Online


Buying Cheap Monitors

Cheap Monitors
Cheap Monitors

If you are thinking of buying a cheap monitor, you need to read  this short computer monitor buying guide.

Doing buying research will help you to make a wise decision about the right monitor for your needs at the lowest cost. Remember though, a bargain is only a bargain if it actually suits your needs.

If you find a cheap monitor, but it is not compatible to your computer, you will end up wasting money. If you save money buying a cheap monitor you may also waste money later having to buy a new one when you upgrade your computer. Check what kind of computer you already have now and what you are likely to buy in the near future before buying a cheap monitor.

Depending on what uses you have for your computer, you can find very good computer monitors, at very reasonable prices. But you need to know what features to look for, and which features you may be paying for, but do not necessarily need. Being able to get the best quality for the lowest price, is always the goal, and below are some things to keep in mind when comparing computer monitors.

Questions Before Buying a Monitor

What type of computer you have?

What you will be using your computer monitor for?

How much space you have?

Do you intend upgrading your computer?

Do you play computer games?

All these questions will determine the preliminary features needed for a monitor.

If you are going to be using it for e-mails, record-keeping and internet browsing, you can get by with minimum requirements. If however, you will be using multimedia, such as games, video editing, or digital photography, or compuer games then you will need higher image quality and better color fidelity.

Computer Monitor Inputs

Most monitors will have at least two video inputs, usually video Graphics Array (VGA), and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connections.

You may need a Separate Video (S-Video) connection, if you are planning to connect to a VCR or an older video camera.

Component video connection

You may need a component video connection if you are planning to connect to DVD players, or new video games such as Xbox, or PlayStation.

The digital connections in monitors are made through DVI, however, some support High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections. If you are planning to watch HD content, your monitor connections need to be High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant.

Basic monitor features

The basic necessities to look for are an adjustable stand, and software to help set up the monitor. Your monitor should have a fast response time, or how it is fast turning pixels on and off, to avoid picture blurring. This will not affect reading e-mails, or browsing, but will affect watching videos, or playing games.

Screen resolution

If your computer runs at 1024 x 1280 resolution, you will need a monitor that supports at least this resolution, and ultimately higher, just in case you decide to update your computer at a later date. This will define the sharpness of pictures. The refresh rate should be at least 75 MHz in your desired screen resolution. The response time of at least 16 milliseconds will suffice for non-multimedia, but for gamers and multimedia users, 12 ms or less, and for video professionals, 8 ms or less. In this category, less is definitely more.

LCD or CRT Monitor?

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens are usually preferable over Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT), because the LCD screen takes up less space, weighs less, uses less energy, and prices have now fallen. However, CRT monitors provide the best color fidelity, and a wider viewing angle. The LCD comes in two formats, the standard, and widescreen. If you are viewing or editing video, or viewing multiple documents, the widescreen is preferable.

Important Features To Compare When Viewing Different Brands of Computer Monitors

  • Interface connections
  • Response Time
  • Adjustable Display Angle
  • Resolution
  • Aspect and Contrast Ration
  • Size
  • Compatibility with Existing Computer
  • Warranty

Deciding what Computer Monitor to Buy

When you’re making the decision about which monitor to buy think of what you will be using your computer for, and what necessary features will be required. If you will be updating your computer soon you also need to get a monitor that will be compatible with your upgraded computer. Who are you buying from? What are the return policy procedures? Is there a warranty for the product?

Recommended Computer Monitor Manufacturers

I recommend the following manufactures based on consumer reviews and brand reputation:


These computer monitors have received good customer review scores, and each of these brands have model that represent value for money. Depending on what you are looking for, they provide the minimum features and more. If you look at a range of computer monitor buying reviews, these manufacturers will usually be amongst the top recommendations, and they all have a wide range of models to choose from.


Cheap Electronics Online


Kindle, 6
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (8,053)
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The all-new Kindle – Lighter, smaller, faster – 30% lighter, less than 6 ounces – 18% smaller body, same 6″ screen size – Fits in your pocket – Most advanced E Ink display, reads like paper – Built in Wi-Fi – Get books in 60 seconds – Massive book selection, over 800,000 titles are $9.99 or less – New – Borrow Kindle books from your public library


Cheap Electronics Online

Kindle Fire (1st Generation)
Overall Rating:
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List Price: $199.00
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Free Shipping Available
Movies, apps, games, music, reading and more, plus Amazon’s revolutionary cloud-accelerated web browser – 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books – Amazon Appstore – thousands of popular apps and games – Ultra-fast web browsing – Amazon Silk – Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content – Vibrant color touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle – Fast, powerful dual-core processor – Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited, instant streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows


Cheap Electronics Online

Buying Cheap Electronics Safely and Securely Online in the USA!

When buying cheap electronics online particular research is a necessity in order to not only find the cheapest prices but a guarantee that the products are actually genuine. This has been a problem to many online customers who buy a cheap electronic product online only to find out that it doesn’t work and even worst it is a fake.
When it comes to ordering electroninc goods online the most important priorities must be reliablity, preformance,price, and security of your purchase. Amazon tick all the these boxes. Amazon takes particular pride in providing real genuine quality electronic products at some of the lowest prices available online today. They have a range of products to suit all customers needs, this along with their experiences over the years has bought them a huge customer base from which they have built an enviable reputation.

Added to this they Amazon provide an excellent customer care services with trained and competent staff.  Amazon support is always available to handle all customers enquiries and ensure that all documents such as invoices have all the necessary details of the order including date, clear description of the item bought, and all costs relating to the order including shipment.
It is the the priority of Amazon to ensure that all items ordered are despatched to to reach the customers within the specified time. All their products are brand new or manufacturers reconditioned to the highest standards, and comes with a guarantee. There are frquently special discounts available on Amazon. Once you have registered with amazon you can opt-in to receive regular updates of all new recommended abd  bargain products.

This has being one of the main point of praise that they have received from their customers feedback.

Overall provides a quality range of electronic products at low, affordable prices.


Cheap Electronics Online


Cheap Electronics Online Shopping Tips

Cheap electronics online shopping is now getting easier and easier with more and more bargains appearing from all those businesses in competition on the web. The problem is now you are getting sold to strongly by these businesses who are getting better and better at advertising to you all the time.

The real benefit of the web for online stores is that they have real-time, up-to-date information on who is searching and buying which products. Through testing different methods online stores are finding how to get you to choose to buy from them. You would be surprised how much online stores know about you and your shopping needs. It is time to even up the playing field and learn a few tips about buying cheap electronics online.

Tip #1 – Price isn’t all that matters when buying online

It isn’t always just a question of price to ensure that you get a bargain online. I mean, would you buy electronic goods from the cheapest business if they looked a little suspicious? Or would you spend a few dollars more at a well-known store? The same common sense approach holds true when buying cheap electronics online shopping. We need to make sure that we are getting genuine bargains and not being ripped off.

Tip #2 – Read reviews before buying electronics online

The second thing that you should learn is look for reviews. When you search for the electronic product put in its model number into the search engine, such as Google.  You can pretty well guarantee that lots of pages will be shown that sell or have information about the model that you are looking for. In many cases and especially with of well-known brands Amazon will be included in the top results. Simply click through to the product on Amazon and you will see reviews written by customers who have actually already bought the product that you are interested in buying.

Google will usually also show product review them in the search results straight away but they may not always be genuinely independent reviews. Some “reviews” may not be real reviews at all but just disguised ads trying to get you to buy. Reviews nowadays are getting copied, rewritten, and put on websites just so that these web sites can get their pages into the search engine and in front of you, knowing that if you see reviews in front of you when you are looking at a product site that you will subconsciously give them a little more authority.

So the tip here is that some of the information can be gleaned from these reviews will greatly help you. Just be careful that you use sites like Amazon where the reviews are original and honest ones. Online, just as in our offline life recommendations from real people are invaluable. The best reviews are real reviews from real people online.  You can generally trust the discussions and reviews of electronic devices if the site you are using, like Amazon is known and reputable. So when cheap electronics online shopping, look for reputable site, look for the product reviews. Read all pros and cons about the brand, product ranges and models of the product you are interested in buying before grabbing yourself an online bargain.


Cheap Electronics Online

Cheap Electronics Online

Cheap Electronics Online


Buying Cheap Electronics Online

Buying cheap electronics online is so much easier now as more and more businesses come onto the Internet. The internet gives you the ability to relax and choose the goods through your browser.   Shopping online also gives you the power that you would not have in the shopping arcade, that is the ease with which you can compare prices. There are various sources for cheap electronics online, ranging from Amazon to, retail stores, large wholesalers and also and the major online auctions such as eBay. The only thing that is missing though when shopping online is the ability to try things out before buying. This is where the shopping arcade wins out and of course as you can often pick up the item you’re interested in. Basically you can play around with it and objectively compare similar items if they are any in the store.

The advantages run out quickly though because it is pot luck whether the salesman who is nearby is able to answer any real questions you have and whether the answers you get would be truly honest. When it comes down to really choosing which brand or model you want then there is always the store bias towards the things that they promote and sell. What salesperson is likely to recommend a product that their store doesn’t sell? The other problem is that the shopping mall or even major stores out of town tend to be limited to particular brands, only the ones they sell, or the ones they have in stock at that particular time. This often affects you when looking around for new devices and electronics that have just been launched.

Of course, most of these problems are not really found when shopping for cheap electronics online. You are able to compare, look at reviews and maybe see videos of the products being used or tested out by people that have already bought these devices. A word of warning about online reviews - you should exercise a little caution when looking through reviews because there can still be a lot of bias and copying going on that is really just a ploy to get you to buy. Always look for reviews from reputable and reliable sites.


Cheap Electronics Online

Cheap Electronics Online is dedicated to bringing you information about the best online electronics, so that you can grab bargain electricals from the comfort of home.


Cheap Electronics Online